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Our 25th starts May 20!

Did you miss ordering our jackets? Get some Princeton fabric instead!

Fellow ‘96ers, 

This year we're offering the opportunity to buy additional fabric.

Why buy fabric, you ask? Because surrounding yourself with your 25th Reunion is an opportunity that shouldn't be missed. And, with a little creativity, almost anything is possible. 25th Reunion throw pillows? Scarves? Pajamas? Let your imagination be your guide.

For more information and to order visit our Fabric Order Page.

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Thank you for paying your annual class dues!

Dues are $50 a year and contribute toward our class reunions and activities, mailings, our Alumni Council expenses, and the Princeton Alumni Weekly. To help with increasing expenses leading up to our 25th, we have added two additional leadership levels for class dues: Club '96 ($96.00) and Ambush '96 ($196.00). Thank you for supporting our class! Please contact class treasurer Connie Forkner with any questions at
Leadership levels

Please send us your news and pictures for Class Notes! Email Banks at